[Example Sentences]:
1. They will likely just swap it out on the spot.
2. This would be a good pick if you swap cases frequently.
3. If you need more battery power, swap out the back and add on the module.
4. This screen swap allows a doctor to look at a patient instead of a monitor.
5. Most laptops will let you easily add RAM and swap out the hard drive.
6. I told Adam we could just swap it back and forth every year.
7. It just got a little easier to swap cellphone providers.
8. Players can also search and swap items with friends who are playing the game.
9. There is no physical key swap for the customer, he said.
10. Kids can swap out the animated eyes for ones with glasses or just one big eye.
11. Once you get someone, they act like it was malicious damage and they might not swap it out.
12. That means family members can share one speaker, or swap them in and out to take them on the go.
13. This land swap and road building plan have been studied repeatedly, and rejected repeatedly.
14. When I travel, I swap out the transit pass for a hotel room key.
15. Some simply meet to discuss investing and swap stock tips, but do their own individual investments.
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