[Definition]: to doubt; to believe somebody is the potential cause of something; person believed to be the criminal before evidence is presented

[Example Sentences]:
1. The verdict on the juvenile suspect is set for Aug 31.
2. Cazeneuve said the suspect lived in Spain last year and moved to Belgium in 2015.
3. The suspect is in his 30s.
4. Late Thursday, police identified the murder suspect as Jeremy Powell, 23.
5. We can confirm at least one and only one suspect in this case.
6. I suspect those two things were a bit at odds with one another.
7. Police did not say if the suspect in custody is a student.
8. The suspect was not named by authorities because he is a juvenile.
9. They are still working to both identify the suspect and find him.
10. Police have few other leads about the suspect and are appealing to the public for tips.
11. It denied earlier media reports that officers had a suspect surrounded in a bar.
12. He did not say whether the suspect is a student.
13. Police said Thursday night that officers found the male suspect deceased.
14. Williams has not been named as a suspect in any of the deaths.
15. We suspect that the latter issue is a big reason for the former.

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