[Definition]: continuous supervision over something or somebody, such as by using video recording cameras

[Example Sentences]:
1. That price makes it so any small business can set up a video surveillance system.
2. It is not only mobile devices at risk of surveillance and control.
3. Google and other tech giants called on the government to reform the surveillance programs.
4. What the NSA leaks show is that we have made surveillance too cheap.
5. It amounts to little more than a surveillance tax one that was not announced before the election.
6. The car was in fact a surveillance vehicle watching members of the drug organization.
7. The Indian government has said it needs a surveillance system to monitor suspected terrorists.
8. The firm had mobile surveillance tools more advanced than what many experts had expected.
9. The vulnerability that the NSA found in Windows was probably a surveillance gold mine.
10. Police said they identified the suspect from the surveillance camera images.
11. Those arrested Thursday had been under police surveillance since then, which prompted the charges.
12. They had discussed targets while under surveillance but had not settled on a final plan.
13. It has promised to send more missiles as well as surveillance drones.
14. The company simply bills governments based on the total number of surveillance targets.
15. Yet for some, the worry generated by weeks of surveillance is taking its toll. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home