verb transitive

[Definition]: to bear the weight of, to give help

[Example Sentences]:
1. This is important, as the new MacBook Air is one of the few devices to support 802.11ac.
2. The next version will add support for Hadoop 2.0.
3. With the end of public support, Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for Office 2003.
4. Microsoft has said that it will cease support for Windows XP after April 8.
5. Google decided in its latest update to more fully support only TLS 1.
6. Hansen added that Dell is currently working on support for Linux which will debut in 2017.
7. To take advantage of 802.11ac features, you need gadgets that support 802.11ac.
8. This area now marks first support, and is followed by a deeper floor around 1,655.
9. Consider that its first notable support matches the November peak, technically 17,977.85.
10. However, Roku and Chromecast support are expected in early 2017.
11. Dow support at the October peak of 15,721.
12. Professional Services capabilities to include full support for and deployment of VMware vSphere 6.
13. Nasdaq support at its former breakout point of 4,082.
14. Lambda support is one of the most visible enhancements in Java 8.
15. Top Republican presidential candidates are courting his support for 2016.

[Antonyms]demolish, abandon, betray

[Synonyms]maintain, sustain, uphold © 2020  Terms of Use | Home