[Example Sentences]:
1. Shares of Twitter, Pandora and LinkedIn have sunk more than 30%.
2. The Dow has sunk 7 percent so far in 2014.
3. The S P sunk as low as 666.79 in March 2009.
4. Officials have since called off the air search, since any debris would likely have sunk long ago.
5. This is the fourth boat carrying migrants from Libya to have sunk in the past month.
6. Any Japanese shipping was to be sunk, any of their planes shot down.
7. Apple stock has sunk to a new annual low.
8. Corporations have millions of dollars sunk in identity and access management infrastructure.
9. Several have sunk in recent months, killing passengers.
10. In March of the same year, a South Korean patrol ship was sunk with a loss of 46 sailors. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home