[Definition]: to give opinions to, to give ideas to

[Example Sentences]:
1. It is not clear exactly how old youths are but reports suggest they were all under 16.
2. Recent developments suggest that the process will extend well into 2016.
3. Other estimates suggest at least 13,000 people have been killed since 2009.
4. So I suggest that you first figure out which services are available where you live and work.
5. Because their big data would suggest that this person is probably obese.
6. They suggest that means the population may be almost back to normal.
7. What I will suggest gives you the best of both worlds.
8. The findings suggest that relatively few people were needed to move the statues.
9. We suggest but you are not limited to one electronic device per entry.
10. Some data suggest the number of church fires may not be that unusual.
11. I certainly did not intend to suggest that he is a pedophile.
12. As always, feel free to make comments and suggest your own personal favorites.
13. It also tries to suggest apps based on your context.

[Antonyms]inculcate, nominate, obtrude

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