[Definition]: payment in advance for a specific service; subscribe to something

[Example Sentences]:
1. Adding minor league games to your subscription will cost you an extra $20.
2. Google launched the $9.99-per-month Play All Access subscription music service in 2013.
3. For existing PC users, a 12-month subscription costs $79.99.
4. The subscription prices are generally in line with other camera and cloud storage services.
5. It appears to be the first time that Facebook is charging a subscription fee.
6. This is because customers are moving more of their systems to subscription cloud services.
7. An Amazon Prime subscription is required to use the app on iOS or Android devices.
8. We launched a subscription program six months ago for daywear.
9. It will have to get a piece of those subscription fees.
10. Microsoft gives away its operating system software or charge a subscription for use.
11. All one needs is a cloud subscription to one or more Watson services, and off you go.
12. In the end, Facebook could become a subscription platform for businesses.
13. The music service charges a subscription fee to stream music and music videos without ads.
14. The apparent entrance of Amazon into subscription market is exciting for the industry as a whole.
15. The pricing will be subscription per device with service tiers. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home