[Example Sentences]:
1. He became a US citizen at 12, and opened his own recording studio in 1958.
2. So the employees of the studio were very keen to keep the studio alive.
3. The studio also can be used to build and train new analysis models.
4. Steve spent a lot of time in the studio because it was his happy place.
5. The Singapore studio has a year of content updates planned to keep the game going.
6. It was built for him by a nearby church that needed the land where his previous studio sat.
7. I was working at a film studio at the time and Pat sent the pitch my way.
8. So they approached me and they were all were enthusiastic about keeping the studio going.
9. The studio also comes with a set of templates for common learning patterns.
10. It hopes brands use the studio to create organic experiences that target and engage with customers.
11. At the core of that studio is a Mac mini that runs some very precisely configured software.
12. It also owns NBC Universal, a movie studio and a number of cable channels.
13. The studio stopped short of naming North Korea as a possible culprit.
14. The tracks are derived from the original studio master recordings of songs.
15. Union negotiators had locked horns with their studio counterparts all the way through. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home