[Definition]: a person attending schools

[Example Sentences]:
1. The price for the student version of Prime will also rise, to $49.
2. I took a couple of courses from him when I was a Washington student in the 1980s.
3. The rumors indicated that a student was planning a mass shooting on Friday January 27th.
4. That was right out of the Serbian student playbook from 2000.
5. I was told that I will never be the student that I was before.
6. Many were international college students on their way to a new student orientation event.
7. Police said the student had killed one officer and a teacher.
8. The Saudi national is someone who is here on a student visa.
9. Some startups are trying to find ways to build stronger ties with student workers.
10. I want a prospective to student to know that a protest is OK.
11. A second student was reported to be in critical condition.
12. The president of the university resigned last week during student protests.
13. He said he was a top student at his high school and hoped to become a doctor one day.
14. This school year, the officer has gotten to know the senior student in a different way.
15. For the charges on which the student leaders were convicted, the maximum sentence is five years.


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