[Example Sentences]:
1. It comes with a soft black leather strap, and retails for $180.
2. A silicone strap, which will arrive later this year, will only knock the price down by about $20.
3. You might as well just strap your iPhone to your wrist.
4. I removed it shortly after using the device and never had an issue with the strap coming undone.
5. You need to strap on a headset to experience VR, but why stop there?
6. The case comes in five different colors, with three strap styles to choose from.
7. It also includes a shoulder strap for easier carrying.
8. That depends entirely on what kind of lens you strap on the front and how big your pockets are.
9. The strap is water resistant and will come in various patterns and colors.
10. The strap is interchangeable, and will come in a variety of colours in plastic and leather.
11. It has a wrist strap, which suggests portability.
12. Different body finishes and strap materials let you choose your own look.
13. Users can upgrade it with wireless adapters, a new head strap, and other other add-ons.
14. Same with sporty watches made with a rubber strap or industrial ones made of steel.
15. The case includes a rotating hand strap, a shoulder strap, and a raised bezel. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home