[Example Sentences]:
1. The stock closed the regular session down a fraction at $21.21.
2. By the time the stock market closed Thursday, AMD shares had reached $12.28.
3. The stock closed the regular session up flat at $16.53.
4. Its stock price closed on Monday at $6.44.
5. As a result, the stock closed flat at $38.23.
6. We think the stock should be back up at $122.
7. It had been more than a month since Apple stock closed above $100.
8. The high for the year was hit in February, when the stock came close to $10.
9. However, its stock prices has declined to just $5.78.
10. His bear case calls for the stock to fall to as low as $8.
11. During the day the stock peaked at $21.20.
12. The stock has more than doubled since it began trading July 31.
13. However, the stock price has been around that level since the early 2000s.
14. Few analysts hold out any hope for the stock for 2015.
15. The two times the stock climbed after results, the average gain was 8%.

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