[Example Sentences]:
1. A lot of steam was taken out of the market over the last quarter.
2. No one wants his tech running out of steam before they do.
3. Even if the economy is not running at full steam, people still pursue their passions.
4. I worry about the mother of two we might lose to a steam vent.
5. The protests really gathered steam once they started to be repressed.
6. The attack gathered steam last week, died off somewhat and picked up again Thursday morning.
7. VR is gathering steam with consumers as more companies release VR products, games and content.
8. Sometimes these can function entirely without steam, but it depends on the model.
9. As the name suggests, steam ovens use steam instead of simply heat to cook your food.
10. Thus, adding steam to the mix results in a quicker cook.
11. However, as the rise of the leasing consumer gains steam, this puts new pressure on businesses.
12. This steam then powers a turbine, which generates electrical energy.
13. When you turn on the oven, the heat converts the water into steam, which cooks your food.

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