[Example Sentences]:
1. The results were also a stark reminder that not all business is good business.
2. It was a stark reminder of the importance of European unity.
3. This shows a stark difference in what each restructuring story might really mean for investors.
4. In the past, enterprises of all sizes were presented with a fairly stark set of choices.
5. The scene stood in stark contrast to clashes earlier this week when officers wore riot gear.
6. It is a stark reminder that railroad tracks are never a safe place to be.
7. That stands really in stark contrast compared to credit card companies.
8. The growth is a stark contrast to sluggish overall retail sales this holiday.
9. His message on trade marks a stark departure from typical Republican orthodoxy.
10. One large banner read Tech workers demand justice in stark white lettering.
11. It appeared to be made of slick particle board which was painted stark white.
12. The reversal is stark for the former market darlings.
13. The partisan divide on the campaign funding limits is stark and clear.
14. The split is especially stark among white men.
15. There are stark differences in average incomes between blacks and whites. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home