[Example Sentences]:
1. The base standing desk costs $699, with additional components starting at around $250.
2. I would think this is probably the same for every person you see standing up here.
3. They want to show they are not just standing still and watching this happening.
4. He had standing in the military community and could have been a useful tool for us.
5. The British are used to their leaders standing front and center in those pictures.
6. That was in addition to a standing ban on the use of public buses.
7. The only ones still standing are those who were not hurt.
8. Four others are standing trial with them on the same charges.
9. The adult who was standing nearby was not identified and has also not been charged.
10. Today, more companies are standing up to the government to protect their users.
11. When they emerged, the only thing left standing was the two bathrooms.
12. He walked off the deck for the last time to a standing ovation.
13. It is a poor state of standing for the town.
14. Old men and women were standing next to young parents who had children in their hands.
15. This allows you to go from a standing position to a sitting position with minimal effort.


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