[Example Sentences]:
1. We wanted the leaders of the industry to put their stamp on it.
2. The same goes for the last seen time stamp on messages you send and your status.
3. South America has held the auction record for a single stamp three times.
4. The Department of Health said it was determined to stamp out abuse.
5. Steve Jobs is the latest American icon to be given the stamp treatment.
6. If you want to ship sometime, you simply stamp it and drop it off anywhere.
7. So convinced was he of its imminent failure that he never put a month and year stamp on the cover.
8. Motorola has put its own stamp on the device.
9. Parliament is widely expected to rubber stamp the deal.
10. I took away the name, took away the time stamp, everything else.
11. The shooting underscores the stubborn lasting power of fake news and how hard it is to stamp out.
12. Past pledges to stamp out the group were quickly abandoned.
13. Its rallying call was clean governance, and it promised to stamp out corruption.
14. She vows to try to stamp out endemic corruption and boost services, such as health care and schools.
15. He acted in just the same way as stamp and coin collectors manage collections today.

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