[Example Sentences]:
1. Police and stadium officials did not have an emergency plan in place to help people that day.
2. The clashes were contained to the area around the stadium but stretched into the morning.
3. The number of wheelchair spaces a stadium should provide is based on its capacity.
4. Large stadium lights lit up the park Sunday as police continued to work the crime scene.
5. The first of the two blasts at the stadium came from a car as it passed near the riot police.
6. That area of the stadium was unoccupied at the time, and no one was injured.
7. The aging facility is the only stadium shared by professional football and baseball teams.
8. He created a convention center in his name and a cricket stadium that rose out of the jungle.
9. I have never seen this many visiting fans invade a baseball stadium for such a big game.
10. The site is several blocks from AT T Park, the stadium where the San Francisco Giants play.
11. Four election commissioners left the stadium on a helicopter, according to a spokesman for the body.
12. It appeared both fans in Indiana escaped serious injury, stadium officials said.
13. With iBeacon, a handful of sensors are placed around the stadium to enable specific functions.
14. Maintaining the safety of all stadium guests is our highest priority.
15. The drone, clearly visible in the lights of the stadium, made a series of passes above the field. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home