[Example Sentences]:
1. Its industry standard server business was a bright spot, growing 11%.
2. Vodafone retains the number one spot in mobile by revenue, followed by Telecom and 2degrees.
3. You are absolutely spot on on 2.
4. Though evidence of the hot spot surfaced in 2003, a satellite image made it obvious in 2014.
5. Obama also retains a soft spot for Indonesia, where he lived from age 6 to 10.
6. The spot price for a barrel of North Sea oil fell to $100.55 on April 12, the lowest since July 23.
7. It recently lost that spot to Microsoft and its Windows mobile system.
8. If you spot more than one with the same name, let the business know.
9. So I ordered it on the spot and had it shipped for free to that very store.
10. They crossed private property to get to the spot where they watched the lava.
11. At least three people were killed on the spot, while the fourth died in hospital.
12. See if you can spot why they want you to download their app.
13. We both fell out at the same spot both times.
14. Internet users were among the first to spot that there was different branding on.
15. You can also turn your nearby iPhone into a portable wireless hot spot for your computer.

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