[Definition]: female person speak publicly in represent of others

[Example Sentences]:
1. A spokeswoman said Tuesday that the company is probably two years away from production.
2. An Apple spokeswoman in Sydney did not have a specific comment on the research.
3. A spokeswoman for the SEC said that the agency does not comment on specific company discussions.
4. A spokeswoman said the agency had not seen the report.
5. A Target spokeswoman said she had no further details to share.
6. The feature will be coming to iOS soon, a Facebook spokeswoman said.
7. A spokeswoman for the department said it does not comment on pending legislation.
8. An FBI spokeswoman said Monday the agency does not comment on pending lawsuits.
9. An EMC spokeswoman said that the company does not comment on pending litigation.
10. The spokeswoman declined to say how much Facebook paid for the company.
11. A police spokeswoman said authorities believe that several dozen attackers took part.
12. A spokeswoman said the agency has the ability to shift resources to handle the increase.
13. A spokeswoman told me that the fee goes up or down depending on costs.
14. An Uber spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment about the case.
15. They also have a relatively small number of sites, the spokeswoman added.

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