[Definition]: person speak publicly in represent of others

[Example Sentences]:
1. In June, an FAA spokesman said the agency is working to have drone regulations in place by mid-2016.
2. An Indonesian air force spokesman says the death toll in the crash has risen to 74.
3. An election commission spokesman said turnout had been around 60%.
4. A spokesman said staff were doing all they can to look after those stranded.
5. Facebook declined to make available a spokesman who could comment on the change.
6. A spokesman for the group said government force was no match for the protesters.
7. A spokesman declined to say why it is no longer stocked.
8. Facebook plans to continue supporting the app for the time being, a company spokesman said.
9. The spokesman declined to provide further details, including when the search took place.
10. An independent sector spokesman said children may be more likely to be noticed at such schools.
11. A Google spokesman said the company hopes to release a consumer version before the end of the year.
12. An Israeli government spokesman issued a statement saying sites were operating properly as usual.
13. We have received further information and this is currently subject to review, a spokesman said.
14. We have never received a request of this type, an Apple spokesman said in a statement.
15. That fact is unknown at this point in time, the spokesman said.

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