[Example Sentences]:
1. The three journalists have now spent a year in jail since they were first arrested in December 2013.
2. In contrast, Apple spent little time talking about updates to the iPad Mini 3.
3. He spent years in exile before returning to the country in 2007.
4. She has spent most of those three years in custody and apart from her three daughters, ages 18-20.
5. Average time spent working declined from 3.4 hours to 3.25.
6. This is 15 percent more than what was spent in 2012.
7. The last research craft to carry animals into space spent 12 days in orbit in 2007.
8. The time spent purchasing goods and services actually has fallen from 48.6 minutes back in 2003.
9. The album has now spent 61 weeks in the top 10.
10. Pandora spent 40 percent more to acquire content in the second quarter, ended June 30.
11. A number of Russians spent a continuous year on the Mir space station in the 1980s and 1990s.
12. Opponents reportedly spent just over $100,000.
13. And, the city said, guests spent more than $16 billion in 2012.
14. In April, the company increased the buyback pot to $60 billion, which is to be spent through 2015.
15. So I would have spent $360/year, not $99.

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