[Definition]: a range of something; a band of colors

[Example Sentences]:
1. This spectrum auction is set for September 2014.
2. Some of them bought their own spectrum in 2006 and 2008 but eventually sold it to Verizon in 2011.
3. Do you need protected spectrum for V2V and V2I?
4. Further auctions of spectrum suitable for 5G are expected in 2019.
5. We are running out of spectrum to give every different application its own.
6. We now have a whole new spectrum of radiation with which to study the universe.
7. There is a broad spectrum of possibilities and they all depend on context.
8. Congress also established a fund to pay for the costs of spectrum relocations.
9. The scientists also compared the spectrum of the moon when it was completely out of the shadow.
10. A larger spectrum means more data can flow through it.
11. Those licensed providers would gain their access through spectrum auctions.
12. Verizon is starting to add spectrum to its LTE network.
13. The ACMA in its report last week defended its handling of spectrum management.
14. Instead, the political spectrum is being divided among winners and losers.
15. Verizon has tripled its capacity via the AWS spectrum the carrier acquired from the cable providers.

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