[Example Sentences]:
1. An estimated 28 billion spam emails were sent per day in 2014, down from 29 billion a day in 2013.
2. The report also found a high degree of automation is present in comment spam operations.
3. Hackers can use social media to discover your private information and to deliver spam or malware.
4. This button hints that you can take action against the spam messages you receive.
5. River City Media is believed to have sent out over a billion spam emails a day.
6. A few of them might be spam calls.
7. Plus, we show you how to stop SMS spam on your phone.
8. Once the spam drove up the price, they dumped the shares at a profit.
9. Unlike the spam filter on your email inbox, a network solution has many advantages.
10. In the past, YouTube scanned videos views for spam as soon as the views were posted.
11. Depending on the mail service you use, you may get better spam filtering through the web version.
12. That file could be incorporated into a malicious link that could be used in a spam message, he said.
13. Despite media headlines and the high volume or ransomware spam emails, consumer awareness is low. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home