[Example Sentences]:
1. The Commission says there is a need for an additional airport runway in the south east by 2030.
2. It overran much of the south in 2011.
3. There are also a number of other militant groups in the south not party to the deal.
4. I think the relations between north and south should be improved as soon as possible.
5. The deal creates an autonomous region in the south with key local powers.
6. Colorado may have been near or south of the equator.
7. The blasts hit half a dozen cities and towns in the south and center of the country.
8. He then turned south before they lost his trail.
9. Taliban insurgents now operate far more freely in the south and east.
10. The people of the south were hoping that Hadi would be with us, be with independence.
11. To the north and south of this belt, you had big deserts.
12. To be kind, the ideas were poorly received south of the border.
13. One of the main airports and schools in the south remained shut.
14. A military convoy was hit south of the capital.
15. The Australians are leading the search in the south, mostly over water.

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