[Definition]: the origin, the place something come from

[Example Sentences]:
1. Sun released Java to open source in May 2006.
2. A year later it released the technology to the open source community.
3. The group plans to release its first source code to developers by the end of this year.
4. All groups have a source of power on which they depend.
5. Twitter is increasingly seen as a source of news and information more than user interaction.
6. These companies already know that working together with open source makes perfect business sense.
7. The source noted that it could be a week before the deal is official.
8. What we need to be suspicious about is the source of all that money.
9. A source close to Facebook says it has thousands of people reviewing content around the world.
10. Another source who works with tech companies on government issues is less optimistic.
11. The open source project and source code will remain available for personal development.
12. Apple has yet to share details on how it plans to proceed with the open source move.
13. A lot of the mobile services are built on open source systems, he said.
14. Open Web standards and open source software can drive the cost of development down to zero.
15. The open source thing would only take you so far.

[Antonyms]breed, lineage

[Synonyms]cause, derivation, origin, principle © 2020  Terms of Use | Home