[Example Sentences]:
1. I think organizations should fully test before taking any sort of plunge on Windows 10.
2. The last time the plague hit England on any sort of scale was 1665.
3. We wanted there to be some sort of point to it.
4. We can then help our customers sort out the good traffic from the bad.
5. I got all the trains off on time and all that sort of thing with the family.
6. So we were able to sort of narrow down where he was.
7. That sort of plastic would have to be made out of molds.
8. Twitter has given me an opportunity to sort of show that side.
9. That was the sort of thing I learned at Yahoo that you could do.
10. The idea is to create a sort of underwater version of an aircraft carrier.
11. It appears that it is some sort of public building.
12. They seem to be saying it will take another three months to sort things out with the regulators.
13. You think they are going to be important and you sort of end up moving away from them.
14. None of those things had any sort of security at all.
15. Democrats say the economy is still too slow for any sort of cuts. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home