[Example Sentences]:
1. We had that conversation with them early on, as soon as they turned 16.
2. He had joined soon after the militants took control of Mosul and its surroundings in 2014.
3. Shipments are scheduled to go out the door as soon as the first quarter of 2016.
4. Mac users will soon gain more flexibility in crafting their emails in Outlook 2016.
5. They soon turned lower, however, as adjusted gross margin dropped 1.8 percentage points to 47.5%.
6. The 12 GB model of the PlayStation 3 will soon sell for $199.
7. The service academies will soon release their schedule of host cities starting in 2018.
8. The world needs to do something now because soon it will be too late.
9. You need to change these as soon as possible during your set up process.
10. We will provide an update as soon as we have additional information.
11. The feature will soon be available in an update to the Android version of the app.
12. There will also be an app store soon for users looking for extra content.
13. The app is available now for iPhones and is coming soon to Android devices.


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