[Example Sentences]:
1. I would like to think that it would allow the victim to somehow move forward.
2. Google somehow found a way to make Glass look even nerdier.
3. Are we somehow catching other things that would really change life and shouldn't?
4. Those factors together somehow make a difference in the way the wine tastes.
5. Some IT managers worry that a patch may somehow break something in their IT environment.
6. As if this tragedy and the broader threat of terrorism are somehow two different things.
7. So somehow I think that they planted something inside one of the buses there.
8. So you have to somehow think that through, I think.
9. Unless they change things up somehow, they may never be able to break the internet again.
10. Does that somehow make them less of an enemy?
11. Bitcoin would be fundamentally broken if you somehow got your money back.
12. They are somehow feeling they are experiencing that discrimination on a daily basis.
13. The game is silly, and the random aspect of it somehow adds to the potential for fun.
14. If he came up with a cure for cancer, they would somehow be against it.
15. It appears that somehow, something fell through the cracks.

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