[Definition]: computer program for solving problems

[Example Sentences]:
1. The software changes came as part of iPhone OS 2.0.
2. Terry was my boss when I worked for a software company in my early 20s.
3. Nakamoto said he worked on the software side for about four years starting in 1987.
4. The software will be available in mid-2017.
5. The current version of the software, released two years ago, is called Windows 8.
6. He teased that more software updates will be announced on March 20.
7. Regulators confronted VW employees about the use of the software in the summer of 2015.
8. However, that did not slow an overall decline in software sales, which were down 9%.
9. At the low end, software developers can expect to be paid $93,000.
10. The software on Dragon to initiate the parachute deployment was not in Dragon version 1.
11. At the high end, software developer salaries will land at $155,000.
12. In fact, he expected monthly software sales to be the lowest in 12 years, since April 2001. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home