[Example Sentences]:
1. Representatives for both chains declined to provide details on how the moves have changed soda sales.
2. The soda industry spent millions of dollars in advertising against it, arguing it will be costly to consumers.
3. Just how well does your office soda machine know you?
4. A steady stream of customers entered and exited the store, buying everything from soda to chips.
5. Those extra charges would be much higher than the regular sales taxes imposed on soda by many states and some other cities.
6. The soda fountains can already be connected to the internet using older cellular technologies.
7. Virgin offers both soda and ESPN on the house.
8. Maybe you can be swayed with a discount coupon as you wander through the soda aisle.
9. There were food and soda cans, plastic bags and giant plastic cups filled with booze. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home