[Example Sentences]:
1. It was crazy to feel the power of all that snow moving together.
2. Weather officials said the area has received heavy snow over the last week.
3. The tracks have what seems like a foot of snow on them.
4. They remained away from the snow and cold, they were always inside the structure.
5. In Connecticut, state employees were let out of work early to beat the snow home.
6. Airport officials said the driver of the snow removal machine was not hurt.
7. Big blocks of snow and ice started coming down all around.
8. Many roads have also been affected by snow and rain.
9. When I started shaking off the snow, I knew this was the moment.
10. In football we had all the wind, snow and the rain.
11. Many people in the Washington region are staying home from work ahead of the approaching snow storm.
12. Perhaps the snow trapped your car on an Atlanta freeway.
13. There was very heavy snow at the time with visibility virtually zero, Smith said.
14. Officials warned the heavy rain and snow could down trees and trigger flooding and mudslides.
15. As the temperature drops, the ability to make snow rises. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home