[Example Sentences]:
1. The smaller Android Wear smartwatch will not include LTE nor GPS, and it has a diameter of 42mm.
2. As expected, Apple unveiled a new version of its smartwatch, called the Apple Watch Series 2.
3. Pebble introduced its first smartwatch, called the Pebble, in 2013.
4. You can buy a real smartwatch for the same price and get more functionality.
5. Apple did a lot of work to make using a smartwatch with so many features this simple.
6. Apple looks to have a big impact on the smartwatch market for years to come.
7. The launch of the Apple Watch has had a major impact on the smartwatch market overall.
8. As a result, those of us who were hard on the Android smartwatch devices are less so now.
9. The smartwatch also provides music controls for users, as well as other capabilities.
10. This drawing of a smartwatch design was included by Apple in a patent filing.
11. The smartwatch was connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone kept in his pocket.
12. This puts pressure on smartwatch platforms to develop further from where they are today.
13. It is a well built smartwatch, but it is quite large and has terrible battery life.
14. The smartwatch also will recommend ways to improve a workout.
15. When the smartwatch is sold to the public, the metal band can be purchased as an accessory. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home