[Definition]: a modern phone usually with large screen, can be used to make a phone call, play games and browse the internet etc

[Example Sentences]:
1. Who would have said that Apple or Google would have a smartphone presence in 1998?
2. The smartphone market saw a strong end to 2016.
3. To fight back, the company plans to make big changes in its smartphone strategy in 2015.
4. Parents just need an app on their smartphone to stay connected 24/7.
5. If you want an affordable, functional smartphone then I highly recommend the Lumia 830.
6. Samsung owned 20.7 percent of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2015.
7. He entered the smart TV businesses in 2013 and the smartphone market in 2015.
8. The first iPhone, which fueled smartphone adoption, was introduced in 2007.
9. At that rate, IDC says smartphone prices could fall as low as $309 by 2017.
10. OnePlus 3 is also a powerful smartphone, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.
11. Q2 global smartphone sales were the slowest since 2013.
12. Moving from an Android, BlackBerry, or Windows smartphone to the iPhone 5c or 5s?
13. The smartphone measures 143.93 by 72.46 by 9.98mm. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home