[Example Sentences]:
1. It seems like a smart thing and very much in keeping with privacy and security concerns in 2015.
2. A smart citizen is someone who has the information from many sources to see how they fit in.5.
3. A smart hub will set you back around $150.
4. Sony reportedly plans to start mass producing the smart eyewear later this 2015.
5. He entered the smart TV businesses in 2013 and the smartphone market in 2015.
6. The first version of the smart TV is priced at 4567 yuan US$741.
7. What was smart in 2007 was a mistake in 2008.
8. She was a smart person with her money and had invested and saved.
9. As far as smart home technology has come, it still has a way to go.
10. One of the smart things Apple did with Apple Music is to make it available across platforms.
11. What really makes these devices smart are the killer apps on them.
12. The built in smart features do exactly what you need them to.
13. Now would be a good time to discuss the smart TV features.
14. The devices are talking to each other and making those smart decisions on your behalf.
15. The problem is made more complex with smart devices because of their limited capabilities.

[Antonyms]dull, heavy, blunt

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