[Example Sentences]:
1. If you turn to the right you can skip ahead in the video.
2. Also use rules or filters to make some email types skip the inbox.
3. A longer press of one second on the volume buttons will skip music forward and backward.
4. YouTube is also considering a subscription service that would allow users to pay a fee to skip ads.
5. They also supported the right for children to skip classes involving sex education and euthanasia.
6. You can also press and hold these to skip forward or backward in your music collection.
7. A new PayPal app allows users to pay in advance at restaurants and coffee shops to skip lines.
8. The algorithm lets you weight the questions however you want, or skip things or wherever.
9. He says airport guards regularly skip security checks for friends or co-workers.
10. Click a link below to skip directly to your chosen topic.
11. Uber claims this allows truck drivers to skip brokers and sort through jobs quicker.
12. At this point, our goal is to do them all, but it may make sense to skip some.
13. He would skip the entire regular season if allowed.
14. With such high costs and risks with each rocket launch, it is important not to skip steps, he said.
15. As a way to monitor your kids or a pet, though, you can probably skip out on extra payments.

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