[Example Sentences]:
1. I came in with a healthy skepticism about these programs, Obama explained recently.
2. Some of her supporters expressed skepticism about the new president.
3. Some analysts have already shown skepticism about the newest publicly traded tech giant.
4. Industry skepticism was rooted in the idea that security was a bad bet for business.
5. However, that higher price comes with skepticism regarding the appreciation of its stock price.
6. Those numbers were received with skepticism by many.
7. Experts expressed skepticism that such an engineering feat could go on undetected.
8. One factor is a skepticism of mainstream media.
9. What is clear, however, is that skepticism over the European Union as it works now is on the rise.
10. Remember, this is an election year, and skepticism is high on the agenda everywhere.
11. Yet skepticism of climate science remains Republican orthodoxy.
12. Several lawmakers on Monday voiced skepticism over the halting diplomatic effort.

[Antonyms]credulity, fanaticism

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