[Example Sentences]:
1. Both devices have about the same resolution and size, but text just looks better on the Moto 360.
2. Just flip it around and multiply the screen size by 1.85.
3. However, they are usually the size of a coffee machine and can cost as much as $15,000.
4. Performance in our Mac tests was erratic, probably due to the small size of the drive 128GB.
5. It supports devices with up to a 6-inch screen size, and best of all, it costs only $10.
6. Sierra Engineering Co, size large, 1960s.
7. We had to think about even the size of the console.
8. No details are available about the possible size of the breach.
9. He also said there was no need to reduce the size of the stores.
10. The increase is more than four times the estimated size of the buyback.
11. We had no idea back then that Apple would grow to be the size that it is.
12. The company is the right size to be potentially acquired by one of the majors.
13. How long it will take to get that email depends on the size of your archive.
14. This means that you can now set limits on the size of file shares.
15. He said big organisations could no longer fall back on their size for survival.


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