[Example Sentences]:
1. The benchmark index of stocks extended its decline to a sixth day and the lowest since April 2014.
2. Bae is at least the sixth American detained in North Korea since 2009.
3. This article was updated to include the name of the sixth child.
4. He had another surgery his sixth to remove a spot from his lung.
5. If the trial is delayed again, the new date would be the sixth one set for the case.
6. It would be the sixth extension of the state of emergency, which gives police exceptional powers.
7. Now on his sixth summer visit, Obama may well match that record.
8. A sixth official went as far as to exclude any other scenario.
9. Soldiers found the sixth victim Saturday morning in the same area as the other incidents.
10. Monday marks the sixth consecutive record close for the average.
11. The Syrian government denies using chemical weapons in the civil war, now in its sixth year.
12. San Jose tied with Los Angeles for sixth place in this turkey of a sweepstakes.
13. Worried about how you ll fit the sixth book in when it comes out?
14. The sixth was hospitalized with gunshot wounds, along with an injured guard.
15. In fact, on Friday, Amazon dropped back into sixth place. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home