[Definition]: circumstances; location

[Example Sentences]:
1. That was the situation for the bus owner killed in the summer of 2015.
2. We have a situation now where there are two major players.
3. It may be a similar situation with the companies being investigated.
4. If you are in this situation it is now time to start thinking about management.
5. It is impossible to change the situation without coming to some kind of an agreement.
6. We are doing everything we can to avoid such a situation in the future.
7. I get calls every now and then where I sense the situation is a little hinky.
8. This will be an interesting situation to watch and track across the nation.
9. We have a startup of the week situation today and many new competitors.
10. We have no information especially on the situation of the financial sector.
11. I know this is not a comfortable situation for most of you.
12. There is no way to change the situation except through the polls.
13. Officials said the situation was under control and most of the gunmen had been killed.
14. Mayer said the company will provide updates on the situation on future calls when needed.
15. The situation after the IT attack on our ground operation system is already under control.

[Antonyms]absence, dislodgment, displacement

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