[Example Sentences]:
1. Several tech sites have now come up with a list of ways to extend battery life under iOS 7.
2. The death toll there, one of the worst massacre sites, was 800.
3. It will allow the state to slim 1972 voice radio sites to just 732.
4. Vine came in at 24%, Tumblr at 14% and other sites at 11%.
5. We recommend you do the same on other sites where you use this password.
6. The people who are behind these sites that have taken off are smart people ...
7. It is also expected to pick six test sites by the end of this year.
8. The statement said the sites were hacked and that a team was investigating.
9. Research on those sites shows they can make employees more productive.
10. Now it will apply to sites and apps you visit on all of your devices.
11. Some sites said that many people who had been held prisoner were set free.
12. A BBC check on Monday found that several of the sites have since been taken offline.
13. A large majority of the traffic to its sites is through mobile devices.
14. The site is selling information on sites it found with the Heartbleed bug.
15. Google needs those sites to grow if it wants to see that portion of its revenue increase. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home