[Example Sentences]:
1. Or you place it on the sink while you wash your hands.
2. Iran has said new sanctions would sink any possible deal.
3. Democrats are calling on Republicans to help sink the bill next week.
4. The light above my kitchen sink is a LED spotlight which is great because it is hard to replace.
5. Hundreds of passengers jumped into the ocean as the ship started to sink, according to survivors.
6. A heat sink runs the length of the board, and there are three cooling fans.
7. Khamenei could pay a huge price for throwing up demands that would sink the deal.
8. Google said a drop in mobile search rankings also could cause a website to sink in desktop rankings.
9. The Texas case also helped sink a Mississippi clinic law earlier this year.
10. At the time, a few scientists were worried that a spaceship would sink deep into the lunar dust.
11. In such a market, margins sink to zero or below zero, and it becomes a horrible business to be in.
12. The blue one floats in water, for example, while others sink and perish.
13. The alarm, called a sink rate warning, indicated the plane was descending faster than normal.


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