[Definition]: easy, not complicated

[Example Sentences]:
1. It also has a very simple browser and is overlaid on Android older version 2.3.
2. It would have been so simple to have asked me to go.
3. What may be a simple enough problem could be difficult to fix across the board.
4. The concept is so simple that the first version was built in a day last spring.
5. The system is simple enough to be used and understood by almost anyone.
6. It also has a talent for making its devices simple to use.
7. They are coming into play more and more on messaging services to perform simple tasks.
8. That really was the simple way I thought about it.
9. What if you only want to create a simple document?
10. The app is so simple to use it feels like cheating.
11. This app lets you take photos of yourself with a simple hand gesture.
12. Samsung and Google already have some relatively simple VR systems on the market.
13. The simple reality for most Windows users is that they update when Microsoft tells them to update.
14. To do this, the company uses technology to make life simple and engaging for guests.
15. You can set what level of security you want, from a simple swipe to a password.


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