[Example Sentences]:
1. On the opposite side of the country was Stanford University with 26.
2. One sold in the spring for just this side of $700,000.
3. Drag the right side of this bar so that it too ends at 9.
4. Nakamoto said he worked on the software side for about four years starting in 1987.
5. He put the number of refugees being cared for on the other side of the border at 30,000.
6. On the Republican side, Jeb Bush reported raising $11.4 million in the quarter ending June 30.
7. On the hardware side nobody seems to want the iPhone 5c despite heavy marketing focus on the 5c.
8. Back on the plus side, the D7100 does the best job handling video of any Nikon under $2,000.
9. On the plus side, the company has promised that Windows 7 PCs will be upgradeable to Windows 10.
10. I was hit right here in the side of the face with a first.
11. The left side of the iPad is a bit easier to cut through.
12. He also said the law is on the side of the city.
13. The side effect is a product line that is further behind than ever before.
14. That lets you move the dock over to the side of the screen.
15. The notion of that you have time and time is on your side is a fallacy.

[Antonyms]center, interior, body

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