[Example Sentences]:
1. Previous iPhone 7 leaks have shown a device that looks far more like the current iPhone 6.
2. Anything older is simply shown as pre-2010.
3. The data is then used to create a risk score that is shown to the clinician.
4. Many of the new features have been shown off already.
5. Some of the video shown Tuesday was released during the trial, but not widely distributed.
6. The number of shots in the burst is shown at the top of the screen.
7. American officials said Sudan had already shown important progress on a number of these fronts.
8. The two leaders were later shown sitting together in a room looking happy and relaxed.
9. They have often been shown off at consumer electronics shows such as CES in recent years.
10. He insisted that his dad had shown that he will not be deterred.
11. The men were then shown being executed and their bodies thrown into trenches.
12. Foreign and Chinese investors have shown interest in the dating app.
13. The stock price has also shown a strong correlation.
14. The video has not been shown in the trial.
15. After all, it has been shown that a credit card can be hacked online in six seconds. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home