[Example Sentences]:
1. Most of those we spoke to said they shop online a few times a year.
2. He saw the tablet at the gift shop and asked to take a photo.
3. There was a shop right behind that building and I feel bad for him.
4. She said there would be an actual shop set up inside parliament.
5. His shop was back there and now he has nothing.
6. If you shop carefully you can find the K-30 kit with both the 18-55 and 50-200 lens for under $650.
7. Microsoft may end up paying top dollar to set up shop in the exclusive neighborhood.
8. Cyber Monday is built on the idea that employees shop from their desktops when at work.
9. Prime Now and the Android or iOS apps people use to shop were announced in December last year.
10. General Motors wants to make it easier for you to shop in your car.
11. Can Apple get you to shop your way through a mall with a wave of your phone?
12. The government is not going to shut up shop and stop using IT, he said.
13. Do customers need the new card to shop at Costco?
14. I think they like the option to shop on Thanksgiving night.
15. For her, gift cards help me shop sales later and get what I want. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home