[Example Sentences]:
1. This came as a shock to her family when she died in 2014.
2. The indictment may offer an explanation for a shock to the digital coin market in 2014.
3. They have become the shock troops in the fight against the government.
4. The real shock was not that he won, but how he won.
5. So many of the current revelations about the NSA fail to shock me.
6. Everyone involved is in an overwhelming state of shock and grief.
7. Perhaps trying to shock people is the only way the agency felt that it could grab our attention.
8. For many survivors, shock and fear now began to give way to relief.
9. Even so, the heavy sentence came as a shock to his lawyers and supporters.
10. It had a shock value that I did not anticipate, he said.
11. Political leaders and others around the world expressed their shock at the attacks.
12. It was kind of a shock to us.
13. This time, the story did not have shock value or graphic images.
14. That big shock beneath the earth causes a lot of disturbance.
15. The incident is sending shock waves through the law enforcement community.


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