[Example Sentences]:
1. The shift in business is expected to be complete by January 2016.
2. A sustained breakout would signal a trend shift, opening the path to next resistance around 117.30.
3. This was the biggest shift in opinion since pollsters started asking the question in 1987.
4. Yahoo has also been behind on the shift of users to mobile.
5. That could lead to a major shift in how its users interact with their computers.
6. This would amount to a significant shift in US policy.
7. That kind of shift is less likely at other companies.
8. The reason for the shift is in part the Chinese government.
9. That shift is to mobile phones, where more and more digital advertising is going.
10. A spokeswoman said the agency has the ability to shift resources to handle the increase.
11. We have to shift to creating a very diverse leadership team that has very different perspectives.
12. He estimated the company had three or four people working there at a time and more at shift changes.
13. This split shift is a problem for many of us, he said.
14. Companies who have completed this shift often hit a new wall.
15. These deals are something of a strategy shift for the company.

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