[Example Sentences]:
1. Once six people are sharing 6GB of data, the cost per subscriber each month is $53.30.
2. They also put forth the idea that the two had been sharing a romance.
3. Apple is opening up the sharing feature in iOS to outside developers.
4. The past two weeks have seen a flood of stories from women sharing similar experiences.
5. Both systems also introduce new ways of sharing some of your game play with friends.
6. Some of us have been sharing pictures on the Internet for more than a decade now.
7. The concerns over sharing your personal information with authorities may be completely justifiable.
8. That is not to say sharing in China is necessarily a bad idea.
9. The standards also limit the use and sharing of the data and how long it is kept.
10. Most of the time, sharing your location with others is a little creepy.
11. Microsoft has also added new features for users whose preferred method of sharing photos is email.
12. There are also a number of experiences we could do beyond photo sharing that are interesting.
13. It is a great way to start talking about being different, sharing and accepting others.
14. Also, we will no longer offer family game sharing from the cloud.
15. Now Google is sharing the story of what went wrong. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home