[Example Sentences]:
1. Those who decide to stay in will receive shares valued in excess of $14.25.
2. By the time the stock market closed Thursday, AMD shares had reached $12.28.
3. At one point in early trading the shares were up 7%.
4. The move sent shares of Netflix down more than 3%.
5. On Wednesday, AMD shares ended the day at $14.22.
6. The data triggered another sell off in Chinese shares, which ended the day down more than 4%.
7. In midday trade Wednesday, shares of Google traded around $820.57.
8. Earlier in the session, the shares peaked at $692.79.
9. Microsoft shares ended the day with a gain of 27 cents to close at $34.62.
10. Tuesday, Icahn said he wants the buyback to happen when Apple shares hit $525.
11. GM shares are off about 1.5%.
12. Amazon shares closed Thursday down 0.1%.
13. Apple shares since then are up 66%.
14. Google shares were trading up after hours Thursday at $582.33, after closing at $573.73.
15. Nokia shares on the New York Stock Exchange slipped by $0.17 Friday to close at $6.86. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home