[Example Sentences]:
1. Many of these are cash transactions and become part of the shadow economy.
2. Google was something of a shadow presence throughout much of the case.
3. May the shadow of the moon fall on a world in peace.
4. The full, dark part of the shadow is called the umbra.
5. We want our shadow network to be more attractive to the hackers than the real stuff, he said.
6. We know his views make him the most radical shadow chancellor in many years.
7. Of course, every wearable device maker at CES will be in the shadow of the Apple Watch launch.
8. With MDM, the argument against shadow tech gets a little tricky.
9. A long, thin shadow cast by the moon stretches across the A ring on the right.
10. China is taking steps to rein in shadow banking.
11. Instead, Microsoft has opted for an internal corporate shadow court.
12. Better yet, ask to shadow them for a day, or work in the field on weekends.


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