[Example Sentences]:
1. The stock closed the regular session down a fraction at $21.21.
2. The stock closed the regular session up flat at $16.53.
3. Earlier in the session, the shares peaked at $692.79.
4. They ended the session down about 40%.
5. Now last session, we came close to passing Medicaid reform, but progress stalled on the 1-yard-line.
6. Earlier, the stock closed the regular session up 15 cents at $36.08.
7. Earlier, shares fell 19 cents to close the regular session at $81.03.
8. On Tuesday, Amazon shares rose for a fourth session hitting a 52-week high of $469.60.
9. Earlier in the session, the shares fell to $38.19, the lowest since July 2012.
10. As illustrated, the S P has notched three straight session highs of 2,351.
11. It can show how the session data changes between user requests.
12. We will negotiate about them in an open session and then we ll see what happens.
13. The decision to hold a special session so close to elections is out of the routine.
14. The special session is expected to last up to a week.
15. During a session, a user can share his or her screen and give feedback to the expert. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home